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What is ergonomics?

The discipline of ergonomics focuses on the human and their environment. Ergonomists aim to increase both the health and comfort of individuals and optimize their performance within their context. These two objectives are naturally interconnected and strongly influence each other. Efficiently designed office spaces, for instance, contribute to higher employee comfort, and individuals perform better when they feel good.

The product that most people can immediately associate with ergonomics is the ergonomic office chair. For a comfortable and healthy sitting posture, much more is needed than just a good chair – consider, for example, the position of your screen, the height and layout of your desk, your mouse, keyboard, lighting, ambient temperature, and also regular breaks. However, the focus on the settings and proper use of an ergonomic office chair is almost a discipline in itself! To guide you through this matter, we’re happy to answer some frequently asked questions about ergonomic office chairs.

What are the consequences of poor sitting posture?


of adolescents suffer occasionally from back pain. Unfortunately, that doesn’t improve over the years


of Belgians will suffer from low back pain sooner or later in their lives. A significant portion of which is attributed to incorrect sitting posture.

more back operations in the last 10 years due to the high strain of an office job.

Poor sitting posture

Office workers sit an average of 8.5 hours per day. Many remain seated continuously on a poor or ill-suited office chair. People often seek a comfortable position, which is not necessarily a healthy one. They look for poorly adjusted support points, leading to an unintended static and incorrect sitting posture. Subsequently, numerous (chronic) physical complaints arise due to irritation, tension, and daily strain.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Many posture-related pain complaints or problems fall under a collective term: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a physical condition caused by repetitive force. It is a general term for various pain complaints resulting from chronic overuse. Poor sitting puts significant pressure on muscles and joints, including those in the arms, neck, shoulders, and intervertebral discs in the back. Muscles attempt subtle compensation but become overburdened in the long term, leading to sterile inflammation and accelerated wear and tear.

  • Tension-type headache: The pressure and pain from tense muscles in the neck can extend to the head, shoulders, and back. Neck and shoulder pain (40%) and back pain (44%) are the most common complaints among the working population.
  • Tendinitis: This sterile tendon inflammation, resulting from overuse, is not only painful but also hinders movement. It can occur in any overused joint, such as the shoulders, neck, and elbow.
  • Lumbago: Persistent low back pain that can radiate to the hips and thighs. The strain in the lower back is caused by small muscle tears.
  • Inflammation of the knee: Bursitis not only causes pain but also swelling at the front of the knee.
  • Inflammation in the tendons of the hand: This causes pain in the wrist and/or forearm. Swelling can also trigger Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Nerve compression in the hand causes pain and/or numbness in the first three fingers.
  • Tennis elbow: A condition of the tendons on the outside of the elbow. The pain can radiate to the wrist and fingers. It also makes the arm stiff and weak.
  • Hernia: Protrusion of an intervertebral disc can exert pressure on the nerves. This can cause tingling and pain elsewhere in the body.

What is a correct and healthy sitting posture?

10 simple guidelines

  1. Maintain an arm’s length distance between your eyes and the screen.
  2. Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid raising them.
  3. Adjust your armrest to the correct height, aligning your elbow and wrist with the surface of your desk.
  4. Ensure there is ample space (about 4 inches) and no obstacles between your knees and the desk.
  5. Maintain a fist-sized space between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat.
  6. Do not cross or bend your legs; keep them side by side with feet slightly forward.
  7. Feet should rest on the floor with heels and toes (or on a footrest if necessary).
  8. Keep your entire and straight back against the backrest.
  9. Use a lumbar support to maintain the natural curve of your spine.
  10. Utilize the entire seating surface and adjust it according to your leg length (see also tip 5).
Ergonomie help gids

For a thorough explanation of every ergonomic adjustment technique you can visit our Knowledge Base.

Why should I go for an ergonomic office chair?"

The right support

An easily adjustable work environment is very important from an ergonomic and health perspective. Only in this way can you ensure that the furniture meets your individual needs. To actually be able to adopt the right sitting posture and maintain this posture for a long time, you need to be able to adjust your chair to your personal dimensions. The various adjustment options of an ergonomic office chair ensure that you don’t just sit, but sit properly supported and comfortably. To be able to sit painlessly and unhindered throughout the day, a correctly adjusted ergonomic office chair is therefore essential!

Our stock models are carefully composed based on a serious consideration of ergonomics, price, and quality.

Discover your favorite office chair of 2023. The highly popular, comfortable, and ergonomic office chair with a very competitive price/quality ratio!

Each one is a powerhouse of office chairs: Well-equipped ergonomically, good in price, and appealing to a very broad audience.

Which ergonomic office chair suits me?

Most ergonomic office chairs are designed to cater to a wide range of users. The most common workplace being the standard office environment. However, in some cases, you may need more or have specific requirements from a chair, such as in the case of surveillance and monitoring. We understand your request completely. That’s why you’ll find here a number of popular categories, each with their own range of options. If your needs are not met by these categories, please do not hesitate to contact us!

There is an ergonomic solution for every challenge

ErgoPlus Chairs

Within this collection, you will find only office chairs that meet the strictest requirements and offer the most adjustment options. All chairs provide the best seating comfort and unparalleled support.

24-hour chairs

These chairs are built to last: designed to accommodate everyone with a proper sitting posture and withstand very intensive use, 24/7.

XL chairs

Ergonomic office chairs that are particularly suitable for larger and heavier individuals. Everyone benefits from good sitting posture, and these chairs provide additional support for those who carry more weight.

Executive chairs

High-quality materials, attention to detail, and advanced mechanisms to support a healthy sitting posture together make for a representative upgrade of the well-known ergonomic office chair.

Gaming chairs

The best ergonomic gaming chairs so you can sit responsibly and comfortably during long gaming marathons. Everything to provide you with a completely carefree gaming experience.

Counter chairs

This higher work chair is ideal for behind a reception desk, counter, or cash register. It combines the comfort of an ergonomic office chair with the practicality of a work surface at a height suitable for interacting with customers and visitors.

Both companies and individuals are welcome in our showroom for advice regarding ergonomics and ergonomic office chairs.

Are there ergonomic solutions for a small budget?

Ergonomic office chairs
at a very competitive price

Our starter chairs go beyond the ‘standard’ office chair. These affordable ergonomic office chairs come with the necessary basic adjustment options. So, reliable seating at a very competitive price. The starter chairs are ideal for general home use, public (computer) workspaces, and are perfect for students at home and in dorms!”

Kneeling chairs and exercise balls

It may seem tempting, especially due to the price, to buy a kneeling chair or exercise ball. However, we strongly advise against it. These products do not provide the necessary support, especially for extended periods of sitting required for tasks such as working or studying.

+  Airy mesh upholstery with lumbar support
+  Complies with ergonomic standard EN-1335
+  Very competitively priced

+  Available in many different colors
+  Complies with ergonomic standard EN-1335
+  Very competitively priced

Ready for something more, or just want to get the most out of the Every? Then we recommend the Every Full Option: the same look but a new level of ergonomic support and seating comfort.

What are key factors to consider when buying an office chair?

1. Ergonomic adjustability

When purchasing an ergonomic office chair, it is crucial to pay attention to the features offered by the chair. The goal is to be able to adjust it to your body, preferences, and needs, as that is precisely what they are designed for. In the world of ergonomic chairs, many different techniques and mechanisms have been developed for optimal support. Currently, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the seating experience and material choices for their office chairs. To help you navigate through the various options and adjustments, here are some points to consider.

Which ergonomic techniques are important or interesting for me?

Syncro Mechanism

With the synchro mechanism, not only does the backrest tilt when leaning back, but the seat also tilts slightly. This ensures better pressure distribution and support, encouraging the user to change positions more frequently. There are various variations of this technique, depending on the brand, model, and price range. In many ergonomic chairs, the angle and counter pressure of the backrest can be adjusted separately, while in others, this is automatically regulated (e.g., Autolift). The BodyFloat technology, for example, emphasizes a floating sitting experience.

Seat Height and Seat Depth Adjustment

Using the seat height and seat depth adjustments, you can tailor the office chair to your leg length. With the right height and depth, you distribute pressure more evenly across your seat and that of the chair, preventing hindrances to blood flow to the legs. Seat height adjustment is almost always present on an ergonomic office chair, while seat depth is not always standard but is highly recommended. Particularly for individuals with long legs, a generously adjustable seat depth is essential. Office chairs conforming to NPR standards will certainly meet your needs.

Seat Tilt Adjustment

With the seat tilt adjustment, the seat can be placed on a slight slope. A seat tilt inclination of -4º ensures a slight tilt of the pelvis. This relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs and supports the adoption of a healthy, natural curve of the spine. Especially (but certainly not limited to) people experiencing pain in the hips, lower back, and/or upper back benefit from a seat tilt adjustment on their chair. An additional effect is the improved blood flow to the legs. In office chairs with dynamic seat tilt, the seat automatically moves under the influence of pressure applied to the edge of the seat.

Adjustable lumbar support​

The lumbar support is designed to support the natural curve of the spine. Upholstered backrests are often slightly contoured, allowing the bulge to be placed at the correct height through the back height adjustment. Most office chairs with mesh upholstery have a separately height-adjustable lumbar support. People who tend to slouch forward and those with a more hollow back benefit from a good adjustment to their spine. A depth-adjustable lumbar support provides that extra support and helps prevent back problems such as tired and painful muscles or discomfort in the lower back and shoulders.

Adjustable armrests

The importance of the armrest is often underestimated. For most people experiencing discomfort in their shoulders, neck, and/or arms, the cause can be traced to improperly adjusted armrests or the absence of arm support altogether. By adjusting the armrest correctly, there is no longer a tendency to (unconsciously) raise the shoulders or force them toward the work surface. Well-adjusted 3D or 4D armrests already provide a significant improvement in terms of support. NPR armrests are particularly suitable for sitting closer to the desk with your chair and are also helpful in adjusting to a slim posture.

Discover much more about the various
techniques and adjustment options:

2. Quality and budget​

Secondly, the price-to-quality ratio is an important factor. We believe that an ergonomic office chair doesn’t have to be expensive, but we also want to ensure durability and comfort. That’s why you’ll find many ergonomic office chairs in our selection from the brand Interstuhl: they provide sturdy chairs with a 10-year warranty at a competitive price! This way, you can be sure that the investment is worthwhile.

3. Material and design

Thirdly, the design should not be overlooked. The choice of upholstery for the backrest is crucial, whether it’s a fully padded back or a back with mesh. A mesh backrest is very popular nowadays due to its highly breathable nature and light profile. A padded backrest generally provides more solid support across the entire back region. For both types, the softness and cushioning depend on the padding and material choice. Both types can also benefit from proper lumbar support, depending on the model. If the design and colors of your chair are also important to you, fortunately, there are plenty of options nowadays, but we recommend prioritizing ergonomic support and seating comfort.

Can I try out office chairs and receive personal advice?

The search for the right ergonomic office chair is not easy. The various complex techniques and the number of players in the market make it even more challenging. That’s why we are committed to providing comprehensive assistance to anyone who wishes for it in their quest. In our showroom, our ergonomics expert assesses your needs and provides personalized advice. Together, we explore the ergonomic office chair that truly suits you.

In our showroom, we offer a wide selection of reliable ergonomic office chairs that can guarantee you a decent and comfortable seating experience. Here, you can find the right configuration and settings for the chair, customized in your preferred colors if desired. Individuals, freelancers, and businesses are all welcome. We can also assist remote workers in making the most of a compact home office setup. This way, nothing hinders anyone from maintaining a healthy sitting posture.

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Which are popular ergonomic office chairs?

In our top 5 ergonomic office chairs, you’ll find a selection of fantastic chairs that appeal to a wide audience. But at the top is the real crowd favorite:
the Office Chair of the Year. These office chairs have gained popularity due to what they offer at their very competitive price-to-quality ratio.

These winners are equipped with:

  • Back with breathable mesh upholstery
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • NPR armrests
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support
  • Seat tilt adjustment
  • 10-year warranty

Discover for yourself what else they have to offer:

How do I get more exercise while sitting at work?"

Nowadays, we do sit a lot. Unfortunately, sitting is a necessary evil for many office workers. But the problem lies mainly in the static sitting position. People try to maintain a comfortable position for as long as possible. Ironically, this often turns into a cramped sitting posture. The most effective solution is simply to change positions regularly. Of course, regularly standing up and walking (to the printer or coffee machine, for example) is irreplaceable.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to encourage a more active and dynamic posture at your own workplace, perfectly suited for both an active lifestyle and sedentary work. From chairs that facilitate movement and support your freedom to sit-stand desks that completely break the sedentary behavior with regular standing up.

Dynamic seating solution:
Ergonomic office chair Interstuhl PUREis3

A dynamic office chair is less rigid and imposes far fewer restrictions on the user’s natural freedom of movement. The Interstuhl Pure is an ergonomic office chair designed to move with the user. The flexible back frame moves with the torso, and the seat also gently springs along. As a result, the chair is capable of following a wide range of movements and correctly minimizing pressure points. This encourages you to change positions more easily and regularly while sitting, helping prevent injuries resulting from a rigid and cramped sitting posture.

This office chair adjusts itself to the user and is suitable for a variety of postures and sizes. As a result, there is no need for complicated adjustments. This feature makes the Pure also highly suitable for flexible workspaces. Although the entire chair is based on flexibility and mobility, it still provides the necessary ergonomic support, allowing you to sit actively, comfortably, and with sufficient support.

Perfect your seating with: a standing desk

New studies indicate that standing for two to four hours per day has a positive impact on your health. Standing upright at your workstation is not always easy or possible. That’s why we should all have access to a standing desk, allowing us to choose between sitting and standing at any moment.

To compensate for the lack of movement in the office and reduce absenteeism, occupational physicians recommend the so-called ‘ergonomics formula’: 50% of office hours should be spent sitting, 25% standing, and the remaining time should be spent moving. We recommend a maximum of 1 hour of continuous standing work to avoid other strains, as variety is the spice of life.

A large collection of these standing desks features an electric motor that, with a convenient control panel, adjusts the tabletop to the correct height. Moreover, these are highly programmable, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing work quickly and easily without hindrance.”

Active meetings

Also increasingly popular in the office: the stand-up meeting. Some proven effects of active meetings include improved communication, faster decision-making, increased collaboration, and more efficient time management. A standing desk and stand-up meeting table are the ideal tools to optimize both your health and productivity.

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