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of adolescents suffer occasionally from back pain. Unfortunately, that doesn’t improve over the years


of Belgians will suffer from low back pain sooner or later in their lives. A significant portion of which is attributed to incorrect sitting posture.

more back operations in the last 10 years due to the high strain of an office job.

Both companies and individuals are welcome in our showroom for advice on ergonomics and ergonomic office chairs.


Consequences of poor sitting posture

Many pain-related problems resulting from an incorrect sitting posture can be grouped under one term: RSI. Repetitive Strain Injury, described as ‘a physical condition caused by repetitive overloading’. It is a general term for various pain complaints resulting from chronic overuse. This is only a part of the possible consequences of poor sitting posture. Sitting poorly puts the greatest pressure on the lumbar intervertebral discs, more than standing and more than lying down. This causes disc-related issues such as degeneration and eventually herniation.

A perfectly adjustable work environment is ergonomically very important. A considerate amount of the labour force sits for 8 hours and beyond in a poor or unsuitable office chair, resulting in a bad sitting posture. As a result, numerous (chronic) physical complaints arise.

Tension in the neck: The pain in the neck can radiate to the shoulders and back. Neck and shoulder pain (40%) and back pain (44%) are the most common complaints.

Tendinitis: This tendon inflammation is not only painful but also restricts movement.

Lumbago: Lower back pain that can radiate to the legs.

Knee inflammation: bursitis not only causes pain but also swelling of the front of the knee.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The compression of the nerve in the hand causes pain and/or numbness in the first 3 fingers.”

Inflammation in the tendons of the hand: this causes pain in the wrist and/or forearm.

Tennis elbow: Condition on the outside of the elbow. This pain radiates to the wrist and fingers.

Not sure yet? Come and test our promotional models in our showroom in Bierbeek (Leuven region).

The correct sitting posture

In order to avoid unnecessary discomfort and pain, it is important to sit in a healthy and dynamic manner. With a high-quality ergonomic office chair that includes lumbar support and height-adjustable features, you can adopt the correct sitting posture and ensure that you work pain-free and ergonomically. Here are some tips to achieve a good and customized ergonomic sitting position in your home or work environment.

1. Distance between eyes and screen: between 50 and 70 cm

2. Shoulders relaxed, not raised

3. Forearms are horizontal, elbows at a slightly greater than 90° angle
4. Distance between knees and desk: 8 to 10 cm
5. Maintain a fist-sized clearance to avoid pressure on the back of the knees
6. Legs at an angle of at least 90°
7. Feet resting on the floor (or optionally a footrest)

8. Backrest in contact with the entire back

9. Adjust the height of the backrest to properly support the pelvis and lower back
10. Utilize the entire seating surface
Ergonomie help gids
► Refer to the detailed explanation of each ergonomic adjustment technique in our knowledge base. In the 7-step plan for the correct sitting posture you’ll learn how to exactly adjust your office chair.

The foundation of an ergonomic work environment often starts with an ergonomic office chair. Due to technological advancements are laptops, smartphones, and tablets causing health issues to the neck or back too. An adjustable laptop stand, along with the right office chair, can help prevent and even resolve these problems. When using a smartphone or tablet, the sitting posture and thus the seating adjustment are particularly important.

The ergonomic office chair

Discover our wide range of office chairs. They excel not only in ergonomics and flexibility but also in terms of their reliability: with a 10-year warranty, you can be sure that the investment is worthwhile. Our ergonomic chairs and office desks always come with a quality label. The height-adjustable 3D or 4D armrests provide relief for the neck. The seat height, seat depth, and backrest counter pressure are all adjustable. Additionally, the Interstuhl Airpad is known for its unique Body-Float, a patented system of dynamic sitting because the best sitting posture is an active one. By sitting actively and moving sufficiently, you keep your back fit and strong and prevent a weakened back. Lastly, both seating solutions also feature a “negative seat tilt” that activates the back muscles and relieves the lower back.

Popular on our webshop

Within our wide range of ergonomic chairs, we have a convenient preselection for you. Our stock models have been carefully chosen based on a serious consideration of ergonomics, price, and quality. Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Our top 5 selection is here to help you find the chair that truly suits you. At the top of this list is the highly popular office chair of the year: the Joyce NPR. It is a comfortable ergonomic chair with an excellent price-to-quality ratio!

Discover the ergonomic solutions offered by Interstuhl

Interstuhl JOYCEis3

With the Interstuhl JOYCEis3, there is no need to pick either design or functionality. This model is available with three types of backrests. We have the Flexgrid backrest (2D), a fully upholstered backrest, and a backrest with mesh tension.

In addition to its stunning appearance, these backrests also provide ergonomic bonus points. One can further optimize the comfort of JOYCEis3 by adding various options. These include synchronic mechanism with (lockable in multiple positions) weight adjustment, height-adjustable lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, seat tilt adjustment, and 2D or 4D armrests.

Welcome to a world where ergonomics and design come together!

Interstuhl PURE bureaustoel ergonomisch

Interstuhl PUREis3

The ergonomic office chair PUREis3 not only enables a wide range of movements, but also ensures that the user sits actively yet comfortably and is adequately supported in every movement made.

The PUREis3 is designed to fully adapt to the user, their body, and their movements. It is intended to move along with the user and provide optimal support.

In other words, become one with your ergonomic office chair that is perfectly suited to you.

A solution for every challenge

Most ergonomic office chairs are designed to cater to a wide range of users. The most common workplace being the standard office environment. However, in some cases, you may need more or have specific requirements from a chair, such as in the case of surveillance and monitoring. We understand your request completely. That’s why you’ll find here a number of popular categories, each with their own range of options. If your needs are not met by these categories, please do not hesitate to contact us!

ErgoPlus Chairs

Within this collection, you will find only office chairs that meet the strictest requirements and offer the most adjustment options. All of these chairs provide the best seating comfort and exceptional support that will surpass your expectations.

24-hour chairs

These chairs are built to withstand heavy use and are designed to provide everyone with proper seating posture. They are capable of withstanding intensive use, 24/7.

XL chairs

Ergonomic office chairs that are particularly suitable for larger and heavier individuals. Everyone benefits from good seating posture, and these chairs provide additional support for those who weigh more.

Executive chairs

High-quality materials, attention to detail, and advanced mechanisms to support a healthy seating posture come together to create a representative upgrade of the well-known ergonomic office chair

Gaming chairs

The best ergonomic gaming chairs to ensure responsible and comfortable seating during long gaming marathons. Everything is designed to provide you with a completely worry-free gaming experience.

Counter chairs

This higher work chair is ideal for behind a reception desk, counter, or cash register. It combines the comfort of an ergonomic office chair with the practicality of a work surface at a height suitable for interacting with customers and visitors

Starter chairs

Ergonomic office chairs
at a very competitive price

Our starter chairs go beyond the ‘standard’ office chair. These affordable ergonomic office chairs come with the necessary basic adjustment options. So, reliable seating at a very competitive price. The starter chairs are ideal for general home use, public (computer) workspaces, and are perfect for students living away from home!”


Ready for something more, or just want to get the most out of the Every? Then we recommend the Every Full Option: the same look but a new level of ergonomic support and seating comfort.

Standing Desks

New studies show that standing for two to four hours a day has a positive impact on your health. Standing at your workstation is not always easy or feasible. That’s why we should all have access to a standing desk, allowing us to choose between sitting and standing while working at any given moment.

Furthermore, employees should be given the opportunitie to take regular breaks from sitting and walk around. To compensate for the lack of movement and reduce absenteeism, occupational physicians recommend the so-called “ergonomics formula”: 50% of work hours should be spent sitting, 25% standing, and the remaining time in motion. We recommend standing for a maximum of 1 hour continuously while working, to avoid other strains: variety is the spice of life.

Standing desks are definitely not an eyesore. They are designed to fit seamlessly into any regular office environment. Moreover, they are highly functional! There is an almost infinite number of different configurations and additional options available.

A large collection of these standing desks features an electric motor. The tabletop can be adjusted to the desired height with a convenient control panel. Moreover, they are highly programmable, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing work quickly and easily without any obstacles.


An ergonomic office chair is definitely worth the investment. We must take good care of our back, as office jobs can be quite demanding on the spine. To avoid hernias and numerous visits to the physiotherapist, feel free to browse through our catalog or visit our store for more information. We can also assist you in finding the perfect office chair for your needs. Unable to visit our store? No problem; feel free to email or call us with your questions, as we are always ready to help our customers

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